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          Here you can find information on our beloved cars as well as the answers to some of the most common questions. Our members have written technical articles based on their experience with building and maintaining their own cars.

          We have compiled a brief history on the original MGs and MGTD as    well as the history of the various companies that offered  the kits as an inexpensive alternate to owning the real thing.

          We also gathered a collection of Original Technical Manuals and information. You may download a copy of the manual for FREE for private use only.

   Check out our FORUMS.  Here you can post your Q&A's or just strike up conversation with fellow MGTD Kit Car owners. We've added a section in forums for our MP Lafer friends. Come and join the conversation, share your stories, ideas and make new friends.

Did you know that FiberFab had a news letter they would mail to kit owners? Ben G. sent me a copy of  F.O.C.A.L. POINT (FiberFab Owners Club of America) 

After you catch up on the FiberFab news for July 1982. Check out this stuff on the Daytona MiGi II. (large PDF file)

Got a question for us? Contact us here Or just join the Forums and post your questions for our members there.

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Some of our Members Cars

Roxie (the Red one) and

LIL Green Mouse (the Green)